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ITW Wujiang Interior Design in Flexible and Organic Structure

ITW Wujiang Interior Design in Flexible and Organic Structure ITW, Wujiang
Industry: Chemical
Building: Office
Workplaces: 65 work places and conference
Type: Open Space
Customer's vision: Modern and health working environment, Flexible for future expansion, maximum desk top usage Open space work group in well planned, consistent style.

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Illinois Tool Works or ITW (NYSE: ITW) is a Fortune 200 company that produces engineered fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products.Today, It employs nearly 65,000 people, and is based in Glenview, Illinois, with operations in 58 countries.

ITW Wujiang is the second manufacturing factory in Wujiang for special chemical. Considering the quickly expanding in China, Vital-Office designs the new office in flexible and height adjustable way. Differentiated withe traditional 3 drawer small pedestal underneath desk top, we use higher pedestal as a side storage for each person. It largely increase the storage in public areas and also as a partition, ensures individual privacy.

  • Desk top surround person in the heart of work place, which delivers the concept of "Value" employment.
  • High adjustable desk is subjective to different body height and room angle.
  • Geometric shape combination for management increase space usage in the small glass room.
  • Foldable conference desks are easily grouped to meet small and large meetings.
  • Bauhaus minimalist design of modular cabinets, simple but functional.

Differentiated with the orderly layout, we also bravely creates the organic planning with natural energy flow. Desks are delicatedly grouped in organic shapes with fluent and vivid energy entrance. Each person is backing and share each other. Whole space is in a various changing style.


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