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Vital-Office Design Büromöbel Sortiment: Schreibtische, Stühle, Bürostühle, Schränke, Stehtische, Stehpulte, höhenverstellbare Schreibtische, Varitable Besprechungstische, Bürocontainer und Caddies, Umweltfreundliche Massivholz Bambus Büromöbel, Konferenztische, uvm.

Like the large s-class conference tables the smaller meeting tables reflect the same elegant style and pure quality.
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Bamboo office design pedestal with 3 drawers, completely in bamboo solid wood 18 mm coffee oiled. WDH: 356x600x585mm. All drawers also in solid wood Bamboo with hidden runners including soft…
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The history of the open angle sitting is derived from CHINESE TRADITION: .. “In Buddhist tradition a bench or a pillow is often used to create a kneeling-like position that…
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Pflegehinweise zu geölten Oberflächen:
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We produce bamboo office furniture since 2007 now and have delivered some couple of 100 desks to large and small customers. The material is unique. No other wood retains such…
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Usually you will learn very spontaneously, what kind of work quality and productivity in this office can be achieved and which are not. The advantage of a desktop in bamboo…
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In the Vital-Office Concept (published as book) the objectives and influence factors of human stress-free and healthy Office design is defined. Among other things it is assumed that the value…
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A furnishing concept with bamboo office furniture, together with the given architecture, would like to create a delightful, pleasant and high-quality working atmosphere. In this bamboo environment, different professions will find…
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“Since I work for Vital-Office as an architect I am dealing a lot with the grenn bamboo material and develop many green office concepts, also for large international corporations. Within…
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Affordable entry level for Home Office and Office. WDH: 1686 x 897 x 720-930mm. Antrophometric round Vital-Office desktop in solid wood bamboo 18 mm, coffee color, oiled surface with elegant…
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The circon executive desks offers a covered cable tray in the molded feet, with plenty of room for electrical sockets, power supplies and a cable conduit from foot to foot.
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Major green features are the fast-growing raw material that grows in only 5 years. Actually a bamboo grows from sprout in just 2 years to full size. Then it takes…
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Feng Shui masters value bamboo as energetically auspicious material. This is confirmed by scientific research. As electrical equipment, such as computers, emit positive oxygen ions (in this case, harmful), so…
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The Principle. Retractable aluminum housing with connections for power and data. The Function. Press the rocking cover on the hollow, pull out at the opening, connect the cable, and retract…
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Bamboo is a perfect example of a green product - sustainable, environmental friendly and as hard as German oak. Due to its extremely rapid growth of only 5 years, it…
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meeting table with Apple shaped top. WDH: 905x828x720-1100mm. Top in solid wood bamboo 18 mm coffee oiled with stand-up height-adjustable gas spring supported column base in black or white with…
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Minimalist Bauhau design modular cabinet, completely in bamboo solid wood 18 mm coffee oiled. WDH: 800x400x1152mm. Modular and stackable. The optional door set can be added any time.
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Our bamboo comes from the award-winning holiday region, Anji (China). The bamboo, which grows in Anji is better and more expensive than bamboo from southern tropical areas... The region is…
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Die neue qualitäts und anwendungsbezogene Neukonstruktion der Vital-Office Powerlift Steh- Sitztischgestelle bietet viele Vorteile. Auf Basis hochwertiger präziser Hubsäulen mit extrem geringen Geräuschniveau wurde eine neue Traverse entwickelt, die Steuerung…
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Minimalist Bauhau design sideboard with 2 drawers, 4 doors and an add-on top, completely in bamboo solid wood 18 mm coffee oiled. WDH: 1622x400x820mm. All drawers also in solid wood…
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A nice interesting privacy screen is made from microfibre fabric protection. Fit the fabric protection in Microfiber make Gabriel comfort can be delivered to the Chair.
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Generous table space for most ease at work. WDH: 2100x1049x720-930mm. Antrophometric round Vital-Office desktop in solid wood bamboo 18 mm, coffee color, oiled surface with elegant height-adjustable aluminium T-leg frame…
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Vital-Office Design Furniture program overview: Productline Joker desks (infinitydesign) Concept based green and ergonomic office furniture. With Vital-Office you benefit from highest flexibility, space efficiency and ergonomics. Derived from Vital-Office…
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Original Ergonomie und Feng Shui optimierte Vital-Office Schreibtische für Home Office und Büro. Antrophometrisch runde Vital-Office Schreibtischplatte. Ein Schreibtisch zum Wohlfühlen. Extrem platzsparend durch die flächeneffiziente Vital-Office Rundform. Passt harmonisch…
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The inclined rear panel is an interesting variant of the Base: The supply of the cable on the table top is comfortable and discreet. The elevator is a large trough…
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Your personal Office individually planned. Including material and colour concept. Meeting tables, conference tables, sideboards and cabinets, in all versions, suitable for your personalized desktop.
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The best size for any office. WDH: 1910x1005x720-930mm. Antrophometric round Vital-Office desktop in solid wood bamboo 18 mm, coffee color, oiled surface with elegant height-adjustable aluminium T-leg frame in black…
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Round meeting table with one column in different shapes Diameter 160-200cm. Base: Circon molded base type cti ..
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Also included with the molded protection is a completely covered cable tray and an elegant cable duct in table-top's material.
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According to your wishes, we produce individual eco-friendly project, hotel facilities, hotel furniture and conract parts. We combine: direct material procurement, cheap production and German craftsmanship. Your advantage: Reliable, good…
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Original Ergonomie und Feng Shui optimierter Vital-Office Schreibtisch mit anthropometrisch runder Vital-Office Schreibtischplatte und natürlich gewachster MDF Naturkante. Ein wertiger Schreibtisch zum Wohlfühlen. Extrem platzsparend durch die flächeneffiziente Vital-Office Rundform.…
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A particular variation of the Design Product line circon classic is the glass table variation. A glass plate (transparent or stainated), grounded at the edges, is borned by a brushed,…
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Multipurpose minimalist Bauhau design Caddy with 3 drawers and 1 open shelf for binders, completely in bamboo solid wood 18 mm coffee oiled. WDH: 456x456x980mm. All drawers also in solid wood Bamboo…
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Beside the healthy upright sitting position, there are much more advantages using saddle-like WEY-chairs. Used together with height adjustable desks, they significantly can increase collaboration and communication in an office.…
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Multipurpose minimalist Bauhau design Caddy with 1 drawer and 2 open shelves for binders, completely in bamboo solid wood 18 mm coffee oiled. WDH: 456x456x980mm. All drawers also in solid wood Bamboo…
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The Oval-Office Project in Hamburg is a successful example where an oval 11,6 m- long table veneered in Swiss pear tree combined with stone Nero Assoluto was designed to accommodate…
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Medien Kompetenz: Dipl. Ing. H.P.Buhlinger entwickelte wegweisende patentierte Medienlösungen u.A. für Bayerdynamics, Walter Knoll und Rosenthal. Z.B. Ic4C CNS-System Einkabel Lösungen. Her Buhlinger ist u.A. Mitentwickler der derzeit Neuesten HDBase-T…
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Modern „Team And Work“ work-station for individual distinctiveness. Energetic combination of materials for the work surface with the slightly slanted aluminum rear panel and the elliptical molded column, supports the…
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Conference table for 12-16 persons. Dimensions:  4.71x4.09m A beautiful handcrafted work with star like veneer in Swiss pear tree with a large inlay in matte black Linoleum. The moulded elliptical…
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Sculptural art architecture. With its clear cut design and its fine tuned functionality, face is the base desk system for creative, successful and healthy working. A clear decision for style.Minimalistic,…
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